Saturday, 21 January 2017

Daily log of Joriah Antigoni, Miner in Service to The Emperor

1900: Today, we were prevented from entering the mines after a portion of it was destroyed by debris from what the Astra Militarum called "an asteroid." We crept down to the wreckage after diverting down several side passages and tunnels. Didn't look like any asteroid we'd ever seen before. It looked more like a ship, or several ships welded together in some bizarre fashion. At first, we suspected greenskins, but we found no sign of them.

0200: I just had the strangest dream. It was a voice that was not a voice; an alien whisper that called out to me. I saw Sephrax burning, and all hell raining down from the sky, and felt... Joy.

0800: The foreman warned us all about going near the "Asteroid" again today - Said something about Imperial forces arriving from off-world to assess it. I could swear on the Throne I heard that same whisper again...

1230: I snuck out of my tunnel to ship again. Something in that whisper drew me back here. There's something here. It can hear my thoughts.

1500: I heard it! The whisper spoke Low Gothic to me! It said... It said to free it. It claims to be the son of a star god called Jormungandr. I know I should report this to the soldiers but... I can't. They'll have me executed for defying orders and going to the site. I have to go back and see what's down there...

1900: It's true. It's a star god! Jormungandr sent his son to us to free us from Imperial oppression! I spoke to it! It gave me "The seed of rebellion" as it called it! It has told me to bring others to show them the light it will bring!

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